New Opening in Via Zamboni, 56

New Opening in Corso Sempione, 5

Next Opening | Premuda (MI)

Our philosophy

We offer a Japanese-Mexican culinary experience that combines the elegant art of sushi with the cheerfulness, colors and spicy flavors of Mexican culture.

A unique format of its kind intended for an audience who loves to experiment, who like us believe in innovation, embrace cultural contamination and celebrate diversity. We have always considered the quality of raw materials, creativity and sharing at the table to be fundamental. We are confident that precision, reliability and tradition can go hand in hand with an informal, cheerful and enveloping experience.

Spicy flavors

Surround yourself in warm colors and savor the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine.


Immerse yourself in the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine and discover the true art of sushi.


Let yourself be carried away by the lively music and the hot party atmosphere that reigns here.

Most requested dishes

Discover the most popular specialties of Japanese-Mexican cuisine!






Burrito Sushi


Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere in a riot of colors between velvet, oak wood and cascading plants, which takes you away from the frenetic pace of Milan.

The colorful Mexican outdoor area is ideal for those who love to eat and chat outdoors even in the city.

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